About Us

Welcome to ANWHXT - a team of designers and artisans specializing in creating and manufacturing unique and distinctive apparel like polo shirts, Hawaii shirts, and sweaters, etc. of great quality while keeping the best price and services for our beloved customers.
A person’s true color is reflected through the way they array. We adhere to the idea “ to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style”. Our mission is to create Polo shirts that have fashion-forward details and sophisticated designs for customers to express themselves. We believe that by using our products, you will have total freedom to be you, without judgment. 

Product Design

Every detail matters. When it comes to quality, our technical designers look at every trim, stitch, and measurement for the perfect fit. To meet our quality and price standard, when deciding on which material producers to work with, we had been through many waves of partnerships over the years. 

With ergonomic mesh design in areas prone to heat and sweating for better breathability, no side seams for minimal skin contact, we bring our clients a sense of comfort and extra dimension to their everyday rotation. 

This dynamic combination sets the seal on the elevation of the quality and appearance of our products. We make sure that our items will satisfy our customer’s tastes in fashion.

Before we bring our merchandise to you, our professional designers behave rigorously with nice warranty tests to make sure that every object meets our excessive standards. We inspire analysts to strive out the portions and mirror their common experiences. Our merchandise regularly undergoes a couple of modifications and variations earlier than it's far to be had for sale. Only the goods are indexed on our site.

Before formally introducing our merchandise to the market, we conduct thorough exceptional assessments on all of them. We investigate design, color, sizing, workmanship, efficiency, and exceptional, amongst different things, to rule out any capacity issues. There are best conditions for each kind of stage of creation. Our employees comply with manuals to assure the impeccable look of the concluded item. After the exceptional inspection, every product is despatched to our warehouse, in which our personnel will evaluate the product once more at some point in the packaging stage.